Episode 338

Published on:

25th Oct 2021

Zark Fatah - Your Transformation Begins Now

Over the past 20 years, Zark Fatah has created over a dozen successful businesses that include Blowfish Restaurant, Century Room, Hammam Spa, Maison Mercer, The Everleigh, Digital Dreams Festival, and H&Co salon. After a very prosperous career in the Entertainment and Hospitality industry, he had enough and was ready for a change. Not just professionally but also a major lifestyle change. At the age of 40, he realized that he wasn’t where he wanted to be personally, professionally or financially. Despite his success and accomplishments, he felt lonely, stuck and frustrated and knew there was more to life than the superficial lifestyle. So he decided it was time for a change and began to do the self-work. 5 years later he has completely transformed his life and now sharing his journey with others to help inspire, educate and empower them to create what they truly want for their lives. In 2018 he launched a transformational travel company called The ALIVE Experience with organized trips that offer a holistic wellness program, self-development workshops, adventurous actives and deeply meaningful connections in places like Costa Rica, Whistler, Muskoka, Tofino and soon Bali. 


  • 07:53 Navigating childhood trauma
  • 16:29 Entering into the world of nightlife in Toronto  
  • 44:53 The journey into personal development and transformation
  • 50:42 Learning to sit with yourself
  • 58:00 Opening your heart to healing


Zark says, “Nothing that is excellent in life is possible without integrity..”

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